Baycox Toltrazuril
Baycox Toltrazuril

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Baycox (Toltrazuril) 10mg/ml

Toltrazuril has been used for many years in Europe and other countries to treat Coccidia.  We've been stuck using Albon in the USA, until now!  Our Toltrazuril is banana flavored and is compouned in a concentration that is easily given to reptiles who require much smaller doses.

Toltrazuril is much safer than Albon without all the harsh side effects.  And it's effective in just a few doses!  It works so well interferes with the division of the nucleus and with the activity of the mitochondria which is responsible for the respiratory metabolism of Coccidia. It is also effective against roundworms.  Safe for all reptiles, even cats, dogs and birds too!

Dosing for Reptiles:  Recommended dose is between 20mg/kg and 30mg/kg, orally every 2 days.  Also this medication stays active in the body for 48 hours, so you will only need to give it every 2 days. Usually 3 doses is prescribed by a vet.  But if you still have a positive fecal after 3 doses then it's safe to continue using for up to 2 weeks (7 doses). 

Dose Chart for Reptiles:  Weigh your reptile in grams and use the chart below to figure out how much to give orally every 2 days for 3 doses.

Low Dose (20mg/kg)
Weight (in grams) / Dose (cc or ml)
50 grams / .1cc
100 / .2cc
150 / .3cc
200 / .4cc
250 / .5cc
300 / .6cc
400 / .8cc
500 / 1.0cc

High Dose (30mg/kg)
Weight (in grams) / Dose (cc or ml)
50 grams / .15cc
100 / .3cc
150 / .45cc
200 / .6cc
250 / .75cc
300 / .9cc
400 / 1.2cc
500 / 1.5cc

If you are needing to dose a cat or dog or other type of non-reptile, you'll need to research the proper dose.

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