Calcium Glubionate
Calcium Glubionate

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  • Calcium Glubionate
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Liquid Calcium Glubionate - Banana Flavored

This is the ultimate weapon to have in your arsenal for fighting MBD. Calcium Carbonate Powder is good for everyday use, but when treating MBD you need something stronger that is absorbed better.

Add to slurries or mix into a pureed vegetable (canned pumpkin works great) or give straight from the bottle. It has a pleasant, sweet flavor. Do not overdose, as too much calcium (Hypercalcemia) can have just as severe consequenses as not enough calcium.

Dosage: 0.1cc for every 100 grams of body weight per day, orally.

This 1 oz bottle will yield 75 doses for a 400 gram beardie.

Shelf life is one year after opening. The concentration of this is 23 mg/ml.  Please keep this refrigerated. 

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