Calcium Gluconate 7ml
Calcium Gluconate 7ml

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  • Calcium Gluconate 7ml
  • Calc Gluc 7ml
  • Beautiful Dragons
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Calcium Gluconate 23% (Injectable only)

Injectable Calcium Gluconate is used to treat hypocalcemia and Metabolic Bone Disease in reptiles. A common dosage is 100 mg/ml, IM (intramuscular injection) as needed. If you are not comfortable giving your reptile injections, this should be handled by your vet.

We highly recommend giving the reptile Calcium Glubionate (oral calcium) first, except in severe cases. And if Calcium Gluconate is necessary, try switching to Glubionate after a day or two.

How many doses are in this bottle? One 7 cc bottle will dose an adult bearded dragon weighing 500 grams 31 times at the dose of 100 mg/ml.

This medication comes with a 0.5cc syringe and a quick reference dose chart and instructions.

This medication must be kept at room temperature (60 - 85 degrees F). Do not refrigerate or freeze.

We are not licensed veterinarians and please understand that we cannot tell you where to give the injection, how many times to give it, and so forth. We can only do our best to make recommendations and hope that you will do your research and talk to your vet if necessary.

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