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Cricket Water

Sponges and damp papertowels promote bacteria growth. This bacteria is eaten by the crickets and then digested by your beardie.

Cricket Water is safe and dissolves into carbon dioxide and water.

Directions: Mix 1 tsp. Cricket Water crystals with 3 cups room temp water (distilled is best). Warm tap water can be used but it will not absorb as well. Let stand for an hour or two. Drain any excess water and store extra in a sealed container.

The 2 oz size will make approx 1 gallon of Cricket Water.

Note: You can re-hydrate dried out crystals by adding water to them again.

Other uses: There are many other uses for these crystals. Florists use them in fake flower arrangements, or mixed into the soil of potted plants to help hold in moisture better. You can also add a little essential oil or fragrance oil to make your own scented gel.

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