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We now make decals!  More will be added as we grow our collection.

Decals come in a range of colors! We use a high quality indoor/outdoor vinyl rated for 7 years with no fading or cracking. Place them on your car, window, terrarium, locker, water bottle, laptop, etc! Each decal comes with transfer tape to help with installation, and comes with directions.

Here are the colors currently available (see color palette in photos):
Ice Blue
Bright Pink
Soft Pink

Here are the dimensions of each decal we currently offer:
Axolotl with Heart 5" wide x 3.5"
Axolotl 5" wide x 3.5"
Chameleon 6.25" wide x 3.5"
Crested Gecko "Derp" 8.5" wide x 2.5"
Dragon Mom/Dragon Dad 6" wide x 3.25"
Froggy Momma 5" wide x 5"
Got Geckos 6.5" wide x 3.5"
Hand Banana (leopard gecko) 5.5" wide x 4"
I Love my Balls (ball python) 5.5" wide x 5"
I Love Turtles 5.5" wide x 2.75"
Leachie Love (leachianus gecko) 5.5" wide x 4"
Obsessed with my Balls (ball python) 5.5" wide x 6"
Reptiles & Coffee 5.5" wide x 5.5"
Reptiles Because People Suck 7.5" wide x 2.25"

If you have an idea for a decal or would like a custom one made, just email us at and include a cut-out type of image that you are wanting made into a decal.  We cannot make photograph type images into decals. 

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