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Flagyl Suspension 20 mg/ml (Metronidazole)

Flagyl is bactericidal - it kills microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. It is absorbed from the GI tract, metabolized by the liver, and excreted in the feces. Flagyl treats parasites as well as anaerobic bacterial infections. Flagyl also has anti-inflammatory effects on the bowel and can act as an appetite stimulant.

This is NOT a "fish" medication that you have to mix with water. This is the same antibiotic that would be prescribed by your veterinarian. It is a suspension (liquid form) that doesn't require any mixing, just shake it up before each use as some of the medication settles to the bottom when stored.

Treatment for: Anaerobic bacterial infections, protozoans, anaerobes, amoebiasis, flagellates, trichomoniasis, giardia, and entamoeba invadens. (Note: Research has found that Panacur is more effective in treating giardia than Flagyl.)

Signs of toxicity/overdose: A dose that is too high could induce clinical signs of vestibular disease with head tilt, circling, and dysequilibrium. These clinical signs are reversible.

Recommended dosage: There is great debate on the subject of how much Flagyl to dose. I would highly recommend starting out on a low dose and working towards a higher dose as needed. Below are some of the dosages I have found through research. It is ultimately your decision on how much to dose. We are not to be held liable for any side effects or adverse reactions. Use this as a guide and do your own research to figure out what is best for your reptile.

Protozoans: 100 mg/kg, orally, give once then repeat in 2 and 4 weeks.

Anaerobes: 50 mg/kg, orally, every 24 hours for 5 - 7 days. OR 150 mg/kg, orally, once a week, as needed.

Amoebiasis: 25 - 125 mg/kg, orally, once every 2 weeks, as needed. OR 40 - 125 mg/kg, orally, every 72 hours for 5 - 7 doses.

Flagellates: 25 - 50 mg/kg, orally, repeat every 3 - 4 days, as needed (reference: Merck Veterinary Manual). OR 150 mg/kg, orally, once every 2 weeks, as needed.

Trichomoniasis: 50 mg/kg, orally, every 2 weeks, as needed.

Entamoeba Invadens: 20 mg/kg, orally, every 48 hours, as needed (reference: Merck Veterinary Manual).

How many reptiles will one bottle treat? A 1 oz bottle of liquid Flagyl will treat a 500 gram beardie 47 times at the low dose of 25 mg/kg. Higher doses will yield less treatments per bottle.

Storage: Keep the bottle sealed and refrigerated. The medication will usually expire in about 8-9 months.

What comes with the Flagyl? You will also receive an information/dosing sheet. Syringes do not come with this medication. You will need to order them if you need them.

What else do I need? You will need a dosing syringe (without needle for oral administration). For beardies and other small reptiles, a 0.5cc syringe is highly recommended as the dosage is very small (low dose at 25 mg/kg for a 250 gram beardie is 0.3 cc's), and it is much easier to measure out the accurate dose.

Beautiful Dragons is not to be held liable for how your pet may react to Flagyl. Some mild side effects are common, but if they are severe, it is your responsibility to get your pet to the vet immediately.

Warning: Consult a vet if symptoms do not subside within a few days after giving Flagyl. Do not use in conjunction with any other antibiotic or prescription medication unless otherwise directed by your vet.

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