Silky Scales 2 oz
Silky Scales 2 oz

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  • Silky Scales 2 oz
  • Silky Scales
  • Weight: 4oz
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Silky Scales - 2 oz

When our first batch of beardies hatched and we discovered we had silkies (beardies with no scales) we quickly researched the best hyrating oils for these beautiful little guys.  We found that a mix of vegetable glycerine, pure aloe vera and grapefruit seed extract (a natural antifungal) keep the beardies skin soft and supple.  We also discovered that this mix works incredibly well in helping all types of reptiles to shed.  Snakes, skinks, beardies, geckos, chamelons, etc. will all benefit from this wonderful skin aid.  And it's completely natural!

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