Vitamin B Complex 2 oz
Vitamin B Complex 2 oz

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  • Vitamin B Complex 2 oz
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Liquid Vitamin B Complex

Everyone knows how beneficial B Vitamins are to humans. They are just as beneficial to our scaly friends. For example, a reptile with a lack of thiamin (B1) could have twitching and muscle tremors. This is called Hypothiamosis and is often incorrectly diagnosed as MBD. Thiamin is needed for energy metabolism and proper function of the nervous system. Unfortunately, all the calcium in the world will not help a beardie that is deficient in B1.

Since B vitamins are water soluable, any excess will be taken out of the body through the stool. So overdosing is not a concern with this vitamin supplement.

This can be given as a daily supplement, or given to sick, gravid, and recovering reptiles. We mainly use it in treatment of sick and recovering reptiles. It helps boost appetite and energy levels.

Add to slurries or mix into pureed (canned) pumpkin (or other pureed vegetable) and place on top of fresh greens for the best result. It has a strong vitamin flavor, so giving it straight from the bottle might not be the best idea.

Dosage: 0.1cc for every 100 grams of body weight per day, orally.

The 2 oz bottle will yield 150 doses for a 400 gram beardie.

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