x Hold at Post Office x
x Hold at Post Office x

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  • x Hold at Post Office x
  • Hold at P.O.
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Product Description

Add this option to your order if you wish to have your order held at your local Post Office.  This option is currently only available in the United States.  When we ship your order we will send you a tracking link and the address of the post office that is nearest to your shipping address.  Check your tracking link and when the item arrives at the post office you just go and pick it up.

If you are ordering any of the products below and the weather is very hot or near or below freezing the temps can adversely affect the stability of these products.  We are not held responsible if your package sits on your doorstep or in your mailbox on a very hot or cold day.

Products that can be adversely affected by extreme temps:
Calcium Glubionate or Gluconate
Probiotic Powder

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